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Piano Lessons for Adults

Piano lessons to ward off "old timers" disease!

Whether you took lessons as a child or are a complete beginner, piano study can be a powerful tool in maintaining brain health as you age.


One of my first adult students is a geriatrician and sees daily the effects of aging on the brain. Though not yet retired himself, he’s getting a jump start on his golden years by taking up piano as a complete beginner and attending lessons diligently, whether he feels “prepared” or not. After two years, he is learning the pieces much more quickly!


I offer weekly lessons or flexible lessons that emphasize learning for long-term brain health. Tuition includes monthly studio class and periodic Wine & Cheese Performance Parties! Adult students are also welcome to participate in the Holiday and Spring Studio Recitals.


You will learn how to practice efficiently to get the most out of your practice time; your brain health will be enhanced by engaging both halves of the brain and challenges of transposing and playing from lead sheets. Your appreciation for and knowledge of music will be expanded through repertoire, arrangements of classical and folk tunes, and theory skills. And you will join a fun community of like-minded adults engaged in their own musical journey at Song of Hiawatha Music Studio.


With my knowledge and experience plus a small minimum daily effort on your part, you will realize your dreams of making your own music, gain a community of musical friends, and enhance your long-term brain function.


I like to begin with a FREE introductory lesson. You will get a taste of what lessons are like and we will go over tuition and policy, as well as answer any other questions you may have.

Click the Contact button below to get started!

Wine & Cheese Performance Party

Wine & Cheese Performance Party!

Thank you so much for your interest. I will be available for new student interviews in July for summer or fall start. Click the Contact button below or send me an email to schedule an interview!

My experience with returning to the piano after many, many years has been wonderful with Siri. As an adult beginner, Siri keeps me engaged in and excited about learning to play. I’m so glad that I made the decision to take lessons - I’m completely convinced now that it really is never too late and I’m having a ball!

Elise S.

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