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Voice Lessons

Age 10 to adult

Voice lessons to free the soul!

Whether your goal is a college audition or to sing for fun, voice study can be physically and emotionally liberating on so many levels.


Several years ago, I interited a high school voice student from a colleague. She had a really big, rich voice, but inaccuracies in her pitch were marring the potential beauty of her sound. Through diligent work and patience, we were able to release the excess tension in her throat and better balance the breath flow, thereby resolving the majority of the intonation issues. She can now sing anything she likes with ease and confidence!


I offer weekly lessons voice lessons with a long-term plan to meet your goals. Lessons include technique, diction, acting, and musician-ship.  Monthly studio class for teens, Holiday and Spring Studio Recitals, and access to appropriate MTNA/MMTA and NATS programs are also part of the package. Your teen will gain confidence and poise as well as a community of like-minded peers.


With my knowledge and experience plus a small minimum daily effort on the part of the student, you will discover your true, unique voice; develop a positive emotional outlet; and gain life-enhancing skills that will serve you well both in the immediate future and beyond.


I like to begin with a FREE introductory lesson. You will get a taste of what lessons are like and we will go over tuition and policy, as well as answer any other questions you may have.

Click the Contact button below to get started!

Thank you so much for your interest. I will be available for new student interviews in July for summer or fall start. Click the Contact button below or send me an email to schedule an interview!

Voice student singing in a lesson.
Student performs a pop song.

Sophie sings at MMTA cabaret night.

Students perform a senior recital.

Cydney & Stephanie presented a joint Senior Recital.

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