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Piano Lessons for Kids

Piano Lessons for Kids

Ages 4+

Piano lessons designed for kids' brains


Congratulations on your interest in piano lessons for your child! When done right, this is one of the best investments you can make in your child’s future.


Several years ago, a transfer student came to me because her cousins who were very accomplished pianists noticed something wrong with the instruction she had been getting. As we began working together, it became clear that she could read neither rhythms nor notes and had just been advanced from piece to piece week after week without learning anything. I carefully dropped her back two level numbers and changed to a more contemporary series while we worked on remediation. Being intelligent and hard-working, she recovered quickly, continued to play for many more years, and became a very capable pianist!


I offer weekly lessons that work. The students leave their lessons knowing how to play their new music and how to practice at home. They are excited to share what they learned!

More and more science is showing how music lessons, and piano in particular, enhance the child’s developing brain, setting up neural pathways that will assist in language and math learning. It provides a creative outlet in a risk-free environment, where students are allowed to try and fail and learn from their mistakes. While at the same time developing self-discipline and reaping the rewards of delayed gratification. Oh yeah, and making music is fun too!


At Song of Hiawatha Music Studio, all lessons are designed with the child’s brain in mind. No steps are skipped. Students develop rhythmic flow, good note-reading skills, healthy playing technique, and understand how music is organized. All in the context of joyfully exuberant learning!


With my knowledge and experience plus a small minimum daily effort on the part of the student, your child will realize their dreams of making their own music, gain a community of musical friends, and develop life-enhancing skills, both musical and personal.


I like to begin with a FREE introductory lesson. You will get a taste of what lessons are like and we will go over tuition and policy, as well as answer any other questions you may have.

Click the Contact button below to get started!

Kids Studio Class--playing with Rhythm Cups

Playing with Rhythm Cups in Studio Class

Thank you so much for your interest. I will be available for new student interviews in July for summer or fall start. Click the Contact button below or send me an email to schedule an interview!

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